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about OTHER magazine

an international quarterly publication that will immerse you into the world of the unfamiliar other.


OTHER magazine explores other ways of seeing the world and challenge readers to open themselves to cultures, experiences, views, and ways of living that fundamentally differ from their own time and place in the world.

OTHER magazine features profiles, articles and reviews of unusual or unique and creative pursuits, particularly those with an alternative, spiritual, humanitarian, occult, or artistic quest.

Focusing on individuals and experiences that are occasionally radical, different or distinctive, OTHER magazine’s stories will turn attention to people, places and pursuits that have an influence on our spirituality, our philosophy, and how we see the world.

“It’s not every day a publishing project comes along that challenges you on so many levels — professionally, spiritually and intellectually — but OTHER magazine is that dream assignment. OTHER magazine is very much a standalone creation, a rare and beautiful vision made real. Journey with us as we show you there are many ‘other’ ways to experience this reality we live.”

Editor, Damiana Fortune,
“I’m passionate about OTHER magazine — it is something that has lived in my imagination for several years. Early in 2013, I invited several publishing professionals I knew to take a look at the concept and some draft designs — they were instantly hooked, and so we began working on manifesting this project. As the creative director I'm keen to bring a rich visual expression to the magazine.”

Creative Director, Tim Ozpagan, 

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